Hraefnscir Theod

An Anglo-Saxon Theod of the Winland Rice of Theodish Belief

Welcome to web-home of Hraefnscir Theod. We are a Theod of the Winland Rice located in British Columbia, Canada, led by AElfric Hlaford, Hraefnscir’s Blotere (priest) and Freoswithe Hlaefdige, Hraefnscir’s Ides (lady, priestess). Hraefnscir is a Theodish religious group dedicated to the worship of the ancient, pre-Christian gods and goddesses of the Anglo-Saxons and the Norse. We hold ceremonies of worship, which we call “fainings,” twelve times a year and have other ways of practicing our religion on a regular basis. We honor our gods and goddesses by following the ways of our ancestors as authentically as possible as can be determined by ancient sources. We at Hraefnscir are dedicated to the study of the ancient lore and the revival of the ancient rituals and customs of our ancestors. We honor our gods in many practical ways such a traditional living in as many aspects of life as possible such as farming, and through the practice of many traditional crafts such as woodworking blacksmithing.

In particular, Hraefnscir is known to have taken the lead in modern times of the reconstruction of authentic ancient heathen holy song using the ancient languages and poetic form, accompanied by traditional instruments such as the Anglo-Saxon lyre. AElfric Hlaford is one of the early pioneers of reconstructed heathen music, having released his first album of authentic heathen harp music in 1997, long before most of the other musicians who are now credited with performing “traditional” heathen music. Now in 2021 AElfric has released eight albums of traditional heathen harp music. Find out more about AElfric’s music in the links below. AElfric Hlaford is also the author of a number of books on heathen topics, available from the links below.

Hraefnscir is featured regularly in Spellstow, the quarterly magazine of Theodish Belief. Issues of Spellstow are available as free PDF downloads or can be purchased in hardcopy.

To learn more about Theodish Belief see the website of the Winland Rice.

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